Past Experience on doing presentations before an audience.

November 16th, 2012

Doing an presenations before an audience was something that I just cannot do well. I get extremely nervous front of people. I donot mind talking one-on-one conversation, but there is something in doing presentations in fromt of an audience that freaks out. But I know that if I practice enough, the nervousness decreases. I think the nervousness had to do with the fact that English is not my first language and the fear of making mistake in my presentations. I get freaked out when I realize everyone is looking at me. So I tend to don’t look up. I know that I should make eye contact to people while doing presentations, but it is just really hard for me to do it. I hope know how other people deal with nervousness on doing presentations. I also hope that I am not the only one who get nervous front of people.

Where I am right now with my research project…

November 2nd, 2012

Before my individual meeting today, I was not sure where to start after reading my primary source. Past week, since I was lost, I read my primary source twice to make sure I am not missing important points.  For the coming weekend, my plan is to make an rough outline of my research paper and came up with a thesis statement for Wednesday. In order to do it, I started look at other secondary sources to find if other people mention useful information about my primary source. I just started doing it. So I am in the process of working on my thesis. I probably take some time tomorrow to do an outline and reminding note which will help me focus on topic and not to fall in something that is not related to my topic. I can’t really say much about my progress on research paper at this point, but I hope by Sunday I would have at least a solid outline or a thesis statement.

Re-introducing main primary source.

October 24th, 2012

When I started this project, I started with three primanry sources. A painting of King James, True law of free monarchies (the essay), and personal letters. However, at this point I am focusing more on the essay he wrote, True law of free monarchies. Other primary sources that I decide not very important for this project were used as sources that somewhat gives supports to the findings from the essay. I know this essay is a good source, but there are some challenges. I wish I can find other writings he wrote about kingship. I think there is an essay he wrote to his son about kingship, which I already have a copy of, but I just started read that. I am not sure if we are allowed to add  new things to the primary sources, but if we could I would like to add the other  essay on my list of primary sources. My research questions and argument began to becoming more focused. I hope it will become solid and more focused as I read more about my primary sources.

Primary and Secondary sources.

October 19th, 2012

My Primary sources and Secondary sources tie together pretty well. However, looking at my secondary sources, it changed my thesis a bit. Originally, I was using James I portrait and True Law of Free Monarcheis to show his idea on kingship. after looking at numerous secondary sources, (almost all of them), those works change my focus from portrait to essay, True Law of Free Monarchies. The reason for it was that most of secondary sources on James I had mentioned about the essay. Now I know in great detail information about that essay. However, sources about the essay were not enough to write about James I and his idea. Exploration  of more into broader views, such as information on absoulte  monarchism and etc would be helpful to build more solid ground work for the research paper. The secondary sources have helped me to focus on more narrow point on primary sources and guided me on how to formate my research.

Secondary source review

October 1st, 2012

Somehow when I checked blog now, I guess it did not went through… So I know it’s late to put on now, but I am doing it anyways.

I found all my secondary sources are about equally important. So I cannot say which one is more important than the other. Therefore, I would like to mention that I am writing about one of the sources that I found interesting to read. For James I had complex geneaology in relation to how he is related to Elizabeth first. other books to mention are books that had information about whether James I was a good king or not , and had many aspects to support the scholars’ point of view of deciding James I was good of bad king.

Overall, I think most of my sources are useful and interesting. However there were some more intersting than other works.

Note taking

September 19th, 2012

When I enter college, I figured out that note taking skill should be different from high school classes. I am not a fast writer, so when proferssors lecture is in a fast pace, along the way, I got lost toward the end. So I changed my note taking skill. When I feel like I am going to be lost in middle of taking note in class, I write them in abbreviation form. then when I have free time after class, I re-wirte my notes. If I am taking notes while I am reading a book or something, I read like a page or two, them I found my stoping point, and write down important facts I got from that section. I think my way of taking notes are not very efficient. I hope there is a better way for me to take notes in class.

Choosing a topic

September 7th, 2012

My topic for this reasearch paper is about age of absolutism of Europe-especially about King James I of England-in sixteenth to seventeenth century. Age of absolutism is the time period that kings in Europe had absolute power over all things. The reason that I decide to focus on England, King James I was because of his essay about ture law of free monarchies. The essay is basically saying that king is chosen by God, only resposible to God, does not have to take care of citizen and a king is free from all the constraints including law. I thought is was interesting to see how he came up with it. I know he is a king during absolutism, however, the reason that I found his idea intersting was that contrast between him and a queen Elizabeth I’s point of veiw as ruler. Elizabeth I  was the ruler of England before King James I. So my primary sources for this paper is the essay “True Law of Free Monarchies” by Jame I and his portrait. the reason that I choose his portrait as one of the primary sources  is to use that portrait to find iconography behind each obejects in the portrait and make connection to his idea of divine right of the king and “True Law of free monachies”.

Why am I a History major?

August 31st, 2012

This is the question that I get from many people after changing my major from biology to history. The simple answer to this question is “becuase I like history and I always had interest in history”. When I was young, my family had children’s comic book about European countries. It was six big comic books that had cartoons about history of six European countries. I still have those books at home. I remember that I really enjoy looking at those books. Then I started elementary school.  During history classes, I really liked the material that I was learning and realize that I really do like history. However, when I came to Mary Washington, I decided to learn biology. While I was taking biology classes, I took some of history classes as well. It took me awhile to know what I really want to learn. So far, I really enjoy history classes that I took. I think I finally found where I need to be.

Hello world!

August 29th, 2012

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