Where I am right now with my research project…

Before my individual meeting today, I was not sure where to start after reading my primary source. Past week, since I was lost, I read my primary source twice to make sure I am not missing important points.  For the coming weekend, my plan is to make an rough outline of my research paper and came up with a thesis statement for Wednesday. In order to do it, I started look at other secondary sources to find if other people mention useful information about my primary source. I just started doing it. So I am in the process of working on my thesis. I probably take some time tomorrow to do an outline and reminding note which will help me focus on topic and not to fall in something that is not related to my topic. I can’t really say much about my progress on research paper at this point, but I hope by Sunday I would have at least a solid outline or a thesis statement.


One Response to “Where I am right now with my research project…”

  1. ebroton21 says:

    I have made the same plan, and I actually managed to do two tasks at once. I know the next workshop requires us to bring in a thesis, but I am bringing in my outline so I can better show how I plan to argue my claim. Once you have an outline, writing the research paper will be less daunting. Also, your secondary sources may help you better understand your primary source, and reading the author’s views of the primary source may help you figure out what your opinion is on the primary source and how you can use it. Best of luck with your research!