Past Experience on doing presentations before an audience.

Doing an presenations before an audience was something that I just cannot do well. I get extremely nervous front of people. I donot mind talking one-on-one conversation, but there is something in doing presentations in fromt of an audience that freaks out. But I know that if I practice enough, the nervousness decreases. I think the nervousness had to do with the fact that English is not my first language and the fear of making mistake in my presentations. I get freaked out when I realize everyone is looking at me. So I tend to don’t look up. I know that I should make eye contact to people while doing presentations, but it is just really hard for me to do it. I hope know how other people deal with nervousness on doing presentations. I also hope that I am not the only one who get nervous front of people.


2 Responses to “Past Experience on doing presentations before an audience.”

  1. jmilton says:

    You are defiantly not the only person that gets nervous, public speaking is one of the highest ranking fears people have. For this presentation just remember we all want you to do well and are interested in your topic. Try not to focus on messing up because that will lead to mistakes. No one is perfect and if you make a mistake correct it and then move on. Don’t worry about the language issue we all know your situation and I for one am always so impressed when someone is bilingual you should be proud of this ability and not embarrassed. – Jason Milton

  2. ebroton21 says:

    I used to get really nervous for presentations too, until I told myself back in high school that I really needed to fix that. So, to help, I would volunteer to present early to get it over with (if able). I also try not to think about how I look or how my presentation is going. Another thing that I do is use the podium. For some reason standing behind a podium makes presenting much easier (at least for me). When you do go to the speaking center though, make sure to ask for ideas as to how to deal with being anxious. They will be able to help you, and also ask for the video. You might find that giving the presentation is not as hard as you think after seeing the video.